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What to do in LAX for 48hours? Come and discover me!

Let’s say you have 48 hours to spend in Los Angeles. This could be before or after a cruise, or maybe between a layover flight to or from Hawaii, or if you are a cabin crew like me (yes besides travel advisor I also fly) this is what you should see and visit during your layover!

Day 1: La La Land style

Start your day having breakfast in one of the many amazing little cafes available around West Hollywood. After having that delicious breakfast burrito it's time to burn those calories, doing a hike from the Observatory to the Hollywood Sign! I have done it once and the views are breathtaking. Just take some water with you or maybe lots of it…

Going down, it's time to take you down to the most famous boulevard in the world, the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame with over 2,500-star lines. It’s an impressive walk and if you still have some energy why not drive around on one of those tours, to take you around the grand mansions of Beverly Hills?

When the sun comes down if you are still up for some fun enjoy a Musical or a dinner in some of the many grill rooftop restaurants of the city.

Day 2: By the Sea with the Sea

This is probably one of my favourite things to do when I go to Los Angeles, spend a day by the Coast.

Start your day in Santa Monica, having a nice latte and enjoying the day starting at this very busy touristic point. Go to the pier and enjoy the attractions! Don’t forget the take a picture at the End of Route 66 (be ready to wait as lots of visitors remember doing the same)

Morning down start walking towards Venice Beach and why not ride a bike or a rollerblader? Enjoy the beachside until Hermosa Beach where I would strongly advise you to make this your stop for lunch! Lots of great seafood restaurants

After delighting yourself with a few cocktails and an amazing sunset I would suggest finishing your day by having a lush dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Marina Del Rey

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