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Am I a travel agent, a travel consultant or a travel advisor?

The 15th of May 2023 was the date when I decided to launch this project of mine, on which I have been working since 2021.

Lots of time was required to make the mandatory training and to follow up all the necessary regulations which are imperative if you want to promote the selling of vacations and other related services.

Hello! I am your new travel advisor based in Croydon
Jason Moniz

I had affiliated with Inteletravel UK, which they are ABTA & ATOL protected, and with an incredible learning platform offering me access to dozens of other tour operators based in the UK.

Since the last pandemic, the travel industry changed so much and so many professionals within the industry needed to adapt to the new realities.

I received many questions about how I developed my business and how I identify myself in it. Well, let's say that I am category of a travel advisor.

Travel consultants do what their job titles say, they consult, do all the planning, and the research, and offer what you may find will be a memorable experience.

Travel Agents are professionals who are responsible for a selling transactions of a flight, hotel, or whatever service you may need. You call them and ask them a flight from point A to point B and that is the job done!

Travel Advisors is a much more hands-on version of a travel agent. Yes, they do sell flights and hotels as well, but they also advise and offer recommendations. They offer all sorts of tips and hints for your travel offering you all sorts of information which you might not have been familiar with. Travel advisors are constantly submersed with training, webinars, conferences, and presentations as they know that information is key for you to have an amazing time away. Many will be niche specialists in cruises and of a specific destination for example.

Here are my 10 reasons  why you should work with me!
10 Reasons why work with a Travel Advisor

And yes it's also true that while some travel advisors may charge a fee for their services, my is totally free! Yes, that's right! I gain my profit from the commissions I book for you! So spread the word with your friends and families and let me be your next travel advisor!


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