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Why Madeira is so trendy at the moment!

Since the 2020 pandemic, Madeira as a tourism destination totally reinvented itself! It has a long tradition of welcoming people to its land way beyond there is memory.

View to Garajau

Big names like Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher are some of the few who used to choose this place for a bit of peace and pleasant temperature as well.

When the pandemic stopped the world, for nearly 2 years in a row, Madeira did something that only islands with its dimension could do, shut down their borders and control the contagious rate. And they succeeded!

As a consequence of the pandemic office corporations from all around the world started introducing new work schemes such as working from home or remotely. At this point, Madeira is a totally safe destination with very few cases, a good wifi destination, and amazing weather, digital nomads and remote workers from all over started coming over for a bit of work on the laptop but in the sun.

When restrictions got totally lifted, a boom in holiday packages and plane ticket sales happens, and by then Madeira has gained this amazing reputation already. Flights increased, new airlines show up and nowadays we have a significant number of daily flights from the UK.

Only 3h30m away from the UK, amazing temperatures all year around, festivities taking place nearly every single month, breathtaking nature, mouth-watering gastronomy, welcoming and friendly people, and so much to see and to do!

Pictures do speak for themselves from the many beautiful hotels which are spread around the island

Pestana Grand Hotel outside pool

Would you like to know more from Madeira? Where and when to stay?

Drop me an email at or a Whatsapp message to 07427607200 and I would be more than happy to help you on your next vacation to this amazing destination!


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